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  • ARTBA Cited in Coverage of State DOT Funding Shortfalls   

    By John Schneidawind, vice president of public affairs, ARTBA State transportation department leaders say the coronavirus pandemic has left them facing an estimated $50 billion shortfall in funding for roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. ARTBA Chief Economist Dr. Alison Premo Black is quoted in a July 10 Washington Post story about how this is causing project delays. See the ...

    Posted: 7/10/2020
    Category: Economics

  • Trump, Biden Bring Infrastructure to Forefront of 2020 Campaign

    By Dean Franks, senior vice president, congressional relations, ARTBA Both major party presidential candidates are ramping up infrastructure rhetoric and making transportation a hot topic as the November election draws closer. President Donald Trump July 15 is scheduled to announce his administration’s final rule revisions for the National Environmental Protection Act. It is expected to ...

    Posted: 7/10/2020
    Category: Legislative

Mississippi State Aid

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  • Call 01 for letting 2020-07-28

    Bridge Repairs on SR 21 over North Canal and Tuscolameta Creek (Bridge Nos. 13.2 & 13.7), known as Federal Aid Project No. STP-0045-01(016) / 108423301 in Scott County.

    Posted: 7/6/2020
    Category: Project

  • Call 02 for letting 2020-07-28

    Mill & Overlay approximately 7 miles on I-59 from US 98 East Bypass to the Forrest & Lamar County Line, known as Federal Aid Project No. IM-0059-01(0125) / 107825301 and IM-0059-01(126) / 107825302 in Forrest & Lamar Counties.

    Posted: 7/6/2020
    Category: Project

  • Call 03 for letting 2020-07-28

    Bridge Joint Repairs on Various Routes in District 7, known as Federal Aid Project Nos. STP-9999-07(375) / 108404301, 108404302, & 108404303 in Jefferson Davis, Marion, and Simpson Counties.

    Posted: 7/6/2020
    Category: Project