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  • Project Delivery Improvements Included in Debt Ceiling Extension

    What happened: President Joe Biden and congressional negotiators reached agreement on a package of spending cuts in exchange for an increase in the nation’s borrowing authority through 2024. The House and Senate passed the legislation on a bipartisan basis. What’s included: In addition to raising the debt ceiling, the legislation builds on National Environmental Policy Act ...

    Posted: 6/2/2023
    Category: Legislative

  • Create Your Own Heat-Related Injury and Illness Program

    What happened: A new template to help employers create their own Heat Injury and Illness Plan (HIIP) is now available online. Developed by ARTBA’s Safety Forum, in partnership with the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA), the tool helps companies customize their own plans, remain compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules, and protect their workers from heat-related injuries Why ...

    Posted: 5/26/2023
    Category: Safety

Mississippi State Aid

MRBA also provides its members a resource to easily find MS Office of State Aid Road Construction Current Scheduled Bid Openings. To view the latest State Aid projects and State Aid Bid Calendar, please click on the Member Login link below.



As a service to our members, MRBA provides an automated feed of the Current Contracts and Bidding from MS Department of Transportation. Please click on the Member Login link below. MDOT is currently offering free training for the new Bid Express System. Find out more information here.


  • Call 01 for letting 2023-06-27

    Grade, Bridge, Pave 2-Lanes approximately 6 miles of SR 15 from the Pontotoc County Line to King's Creek south of New Albany (Bridge No. 292.6), known as Federal Aid Project No. STP-0022-04(071) / 102607302 in Union County.

    Posted: 5/1/2023
    Category: Project

  • Call 02 for letting 2023-06-27

    Remove existing OGFC on I-20 from McRaven Road to the I-20/I-55 Split, I-220 from I-20 to Lynch Street, & I-55 from McDowell Road to the Rankin County Line; Mill & Overlay on I-55 from north of the Hinds County Line to the Hinds County Line; placement of HFST on I-55 from 0.420 miles north of the Hinds County Line to the Hinds County Line; Mill & Overlay I-20 from just east of the SR 468 Interchange to the I-20/I-55 Split; Mill & Overlay the Gallatin Street connector ramp to I-20 Westbound & loop to I-20 Eastbound, known as Federal Aid Project Nos. IM-0020-01(269) / 1089023010, 3020, 3030, 3040 & 3050 & HSIP-0020-01(269) / 1089023031 in Hinds & Rankin Counties.

    Posted: 6/5/2023
    Category: Project

  • Call 03 for letting 2023-06-27

    Mill, Overlay & Safety Improvements on approximately 7 miles of US 82 from US 45 to 1 mile east of Military Road, known as Federal Aid Project Nos. NHPP-0011-00(017) / 108646301 & HSIP-0011-00(019) / 108646302 in Lowndes County.

    Posted: 6/5/2023
    Category: Project