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  • June 24 Webinar Explores Local Funding in State Transportation Investment

    By Carolyn Kramer, director, Transportation Investment Advocacy Center™ A key factor in crafting state transportation investment legislation is determining how much of the new revenue is dedicated to local projects. State lawmakers must grapple with the diverse needs of urban and rural areas; identify and rank the most critical projects; and gauge the support of ...

    Posted: 5/22/2019
    Category: Webinars

  • National Infrastructure Week Educates Public on Importance of Funding

    By Eileen Houlihan, senior writer/editor, ARTBA The 7th annual “Infrastructure Week” promoted “the importance of infrastructure as an issue impacting all Americans.” The nationwide public awareness campaign, May 13-20, consisted of more than 100 events, including meetings, webinars, project site tours, and networking opportunities, as well as advocacy directed at Congress by more than 520 ...

    Posted: 5/22/2019
    Category: Second Feature

Mississippi State Aid

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As a service to our members, MRBA provides an automated feed of the Current Contracts and Bidding from MS Department of Transportation. Please click on the Member Login link below. MDOT is currently offering free training for the new Bid Express System. Find out more information here.


  • Call 01 for letting 2019-05-23

    Box Culvert Repair on US 49 at Arena Drive & Concrete Pipe Repair on SR 63 South of McInnis Vernal Road, known as Federal Aid Project Nos. ER-0081-01(147) / 108004301 & ER-1132-00(012) / 108012301 in Forrest & Greene Counties.

    Posted: 5/15/2019
    Category: Project

  • Call 02 for letting 2019-05-23

    Repairing 8 Slides on I-22 & US 45, known as Federal Aid Project Nos. ER-0002-06(030) / 108055301, ER-0006-02(035) / 108050301, ER-0002-06(031) / 108052301, ER-0006-02(034) / 108053301, ER-0006-02(033) / 108054301, & ER-0006-02(032) / 108062301 in Lee County.

    Posted: 5/15/2019
    Category: Project

  • Call 03 for letting 2019-05-23

    Repairing 4 Slides on I-22, SR 9, & SR 348, known as Federal Aid Project Nos. ER-0925-00(025) / 108049301, ER-0926-00(028) / 108061301, ER-2833-00(006) / 108063301, & ER-0006-01(098) / 108066301 in Pontotoc & Union Counties.

    Posted: 5/15/2019
    Category: Project